Important Notes and Disclaimers!

You may found this page by using the keywords on search engine "EDM Singapore". This website and domain name "" is owned by Notion Age Pte. Ltd. and our company name is NOT called "EDM Singapore". Recently we have received a few complains about EDM Singapore has spam their mail box and mistaken it is from us, if you ever received many spam/junk emails that mention from "EDM Singapore". We hereby to declare those are not from our company or our clients, neither all. We recently has investigated one of the complaints that forwarded the spam email to us, the IP address is not from us.

At Notion Age, we only provide premium managed email marketing solutions to our clients whose has only using their own permission-based / double opt-in email database. Further more, we also adopted automate Unsubscribe function and proper bounce management for all of our client. We DO NOT sell or rent any email database to anyone.

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Singapore Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing is the most cost-effective and one of the best online marketing tools in generating sales leads, increase awareness and achieving customer retention.

It's important to execute the appropriate marketing program in order to communicate effectively with your target audience.

Notion Age specialise in Email Marketing Services. We can create the formula and drive a long the way for a successful Email marketing and electronic viral campaign from the inception to completion. Through past experience, we understand the best approach to achieve high participation rate and are driven to create professional EDMs with the fitting style to impress our clients’ target audience.

We provide the following in our Email Marketing Solutions:

  • Email Marketing Consulting
  • Email Viral Campaign Management
  • Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM) Design
  • Email Subscription Engine
  • Email Broadcast/Blasting
  • Email Content Management
  • Email Database Management

Key features in our Email Marketing Solutions:

  • Permission-Based Email Marketing (Double opt-in/opt-out subscriptions)
  • Bounce Management (Hard & Soft Bounce Handling)
  • Open/Read Tracking (Unique & Non-unique Open Email)
  • Link Tracking (Unique & Non-unique Click-Through Link Tracking)
  • Forward to Friend (Forward to Friend Statistic Tracking)
  • Update Subscriber Particulars Feature
  • Filter Sending (Contact Segments)
  • Email Personalisation (Display Subscriber's Data on Each Email)
  • Dynamic Content Base on User Interest
  • Detailed Graphical Charts Statistics Reporting

To explore further about Notion Age Email Marketing Services or how you can kick-off your cost effective email marketing efforts further. Contact to us now.